"We are changing the image of picture day"

  1. Picture Day
    We are proud to offer one of the fastest, hassle-free picture days around.  With our highly organized picture day process we can photograph approximately 100 athletes per hour per photographer.
  2. Prices
    We offer a high quality product at an affortable price.  We do not require customers to purchase a package in order to purchase a single item.  It is our belief that parents should be able to afford pictures of their children.
  3. Indoor / Outdoor Options
    Champion City Photography is unique in that we can accommodate for the weather on picture day.  We offer an indoor and an outdoor option, so you will never have to reschedule picture day.
  4. Turn Around Time
    From the day we photograph your league, we will have your pictures back to you within 7-10 days.  Our Prices and turnaround time are second to none.
  5. Personalization
    Most of our products come personalized with the athlete's name and uniform number.
  6. Traditional / Composite
    As time changes, so do pictures. We are able to offer your organization traditional team and individual pictures or composite style images where the team picture is built in post-production.
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